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New to the Mount Pleasant neighborhood but a veteran to the jewellery business, the Saati family has been in Toronto's jewellery scene for over 45 years. The Saati family originally started with watch making – hence the name Saati meaning watch maker but over the generations, the family business evolved from watch making to the artful craft of fine jewellery using some of the rarest gems and finer metals.


In 1968, Albert Saati moved to Toronto and established a wholesale jewellery business in the heart of the city.


In 2010, he opened Saati Fine Jewellery at 512 Mount Pleasant Road, with his two children,  and Giselle. They are both certified Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California and have gained much experience handling jewellery and giving jewellery advice. The Saati family today offers the advantage of mixing modern jewellery technologies with classic designs in order to exceed their customers' expectations and serve the Greater Toronto Area for generations to come.

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