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At Saati Fine Jewellery, we offer you detailed, qualified professional jewellery appraisals at competitive rates.


Our clear, factual appraisals will inform you of the actual value of your property, as well as provide your insurance company with all the necessary information to properly insure you and process your claims quickly.


Our showroom will provide you with a large and varied selection of fine diamond, gemstone, gold, and silver jewellery to serve any of your new, replacement or re-modification needs.


Our professional qualifications and long-term working experience are all part of the quality service we provide to suit our clients' best interests.


Accredited Gemmologists:

Maggy Saati, B.B.A., G.I.A., G.G. F.C. Gm.A.
Andrew Saati, G.I.A., G.G., A.J.P., R.M.V.
Giselle Saati, G.I.A., G.G., H.R.D., R.M.V.
Albert Saati, Master Jeweller and Designer

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